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International scientific congress “Interexpo Geo-Siberia 2020”

08 july 2020



June 18 - July 8, 2020 Novosibirsk took the XVI-th International exhibition and scientific congress “Interexpo Geo-Siberia”. As part of this, the Institute held a section “Problems and strategies of socio-economic development of Russia and its eastern and arctic mega-regions” of the conference “Economic development of Siberia and the Far East”. Economics of nature management, land utilization, forest utilization, property management”.  

Organizers: Siberian state university of geosystems and technologies, Institute of economics and industrial engineering of SB RAS

Chairman: Victor I. Suslov, D.Sc. Economics, professor, corresponding member of RAS, head of laboratory of modeling andf analysis of economic processes of IEIE SB RAS.

Co-chairman: A.P. Karpik, D. Technical Sc., professor, rector of Siberian state university of geosystems and technologies.

Section topics:

  • spatial economics, interregional economic relations, project-program approaches to development of eastern regions, specific features of arctic projects, interregional appraisals and differences;
  • macroeconomic problems of socio-economic development of Russian Federation;
  • sectoral characteristics of economies of Siberia and the Far East, evaluation of infrastructural projects, features and impact of transportation systems;
  • problems of human resources formation;
  • rational nature utilization and environmental protection;
  • peculiarities of record-keeping and evaluation of real estate.


On completion of the International scientific congress, collection of papers published. They are available on site on page Collections. The collections included into the national information-analytical system Russian Science Citation Index. Collections have a standard number of periodic issue - ISSN. Publications get UDC and DOI. The papers of congress are put into and are free for access. Some papers will be selected for publication in journals “ECO”, “Vestnik of SSUGT” and “Region: economics and sociology”. 

All materials are accessible on the site of the XVI-th International exhibition and scientific congress “Interexpo Geo-Siberiacontact telephone of steering committee +7(913)000-13-32, e-mail.