Publishing Activity of the Institute

The publishing activity of the Institute is a main source of distributing the results of the scientific research of the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering. It is performed on the professional base. In accordance with the Statute of the Institute, the main types of its activities include “foundation and publishing scientific and scientific-popular journals within the profile of the Institute, where results of the scientific research of the Institute are published as well as results of the other scientific organizations; publishing of monographs, research and methodology materials, collections of scientific papers containing results of the scientific activity of the Institute.” The Statute also determines that the Institute “has the right to accomplish the polygraph (printing) activities, including printing of periodicals (journals), books (monographs, collections of scientific papers) and to distribute the published materials, also in foreign languages, and (or) in electronic form.”

Publication of the scientific works of the Institute’s colleagues is performed by the editing and publishing department of the Institute, by the Institute’s publishing office, and also by the site of the Institute’s operational printing which is  fit up with the modern equipment. Monographs and volumes of scientific papers are published in accordance with the publishing plan of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This guarantees issuing of monographs, volumes of scientific works, preprints, journal “Region: Economics and Sociology” on its due dates and with high quality, including books in hard cover with colored photographs, drawings and illustrations.  The in-house highly technological publishing base of the Institute allows to have the considerable amount of the scientific published production.

Amount of works published by the Institute in 2011-2014, in printer’s sheets


The important channel of distributing the fundamental and applied results of the Institute’s work has become possible by using mass media. For this purpose and also for fulfilling its mission the Institute has established two journals: all-Russia scientific journal “Region: Economics and Sociology” and all-Russia scientific journal “ECO”.

The journal “Region: Economics and Sociology” has been founded in 1963, and until 1993 it was issued under the title “Bulletin of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences; Series of the Social Sciences”. It is issued four times a year, and is designed mainly for scholars, specialists working in the field of regional economy and territorial development. The journal gives the main attention to social-economic problems of the Russian regions development and reflects the growing influence of the regional aspects onto all sides of the society’s life.

The journal “ECO” is being published since 1970. It is issued 12 times a year and is oriented to a broad circle of readers. The journal highlights the vital problems of economic development in Russia and in the world, suggests the ways of its solving, analyzes national and foreign experience of managing the economy at all levels: from an enterprise up to the country level.