Publications (monographs, collections of articles, articles in scientific journals) are the most important result of the scientific activity and also the main channel for distributing the results of fundamental and applied research of the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering. In total, the researchers of the Institute have published more than 19 thousand of works, and this is a witness of the high level of the scientific activity. Proceedings and writings are published with high graphic quality both in the Institute, and also in the other publishing houses of Russia and abroad.

In this section, the catalogue of the collective and individual monographs and articles collections of the Institute’s researchers are represented, a part of them are in the full version. There are also texts of articles of the leading Institute scientists published in different journals. Besides, one can see here electronic catalogue of all publications of the Institute researchers. Also, the archives of the journal “ECO”  and journal “Region: Economics and Sociology”  published on the base of the Institute, are available.