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Access to articles from full-text databases at eLIBRARY.RU

26 october 2020


In connection with transfer of most employees of Russian organizations to the self-isolation mode, subscribers have been granted access to information resources on the portal eLIBRARY.RU from their home PCs

Access is granted to all resources the organization subscribes to, when two conditions are simultaneously fulfilled:
- the user has at least once from 1 September 2019 has logged on на from ip-addresses of the organization (with access to subscribed resources);
- the users’ form contains the organization as place of work (study).  

The list of journals with access only from inside the institute:

Questions of economics
World economy and international relations
Social sciences and modernity
Society and economics
Applied quantitative methods
Theoretical problems of management practice
Regional economics: theory and practice
Russian economics journal
Sociological research
USA and Canada: economy, politics, culture
Federalism (from 2019)
Economics and mathematical methods
Economic science of modern Russia

For all questions refer to Eleonora Novikova.