Interaction with Business

By initiative of the Institute, in 1983 the All-Union Club of directors of Industrial Enterprises (now The International Club of Directors) has been created, with the aim of uniting the efforts of science and practice, and searching the ways for efficient management of enterprises. Since 2002 at the Institute there is a regular on-going scientific-practical seminar in the format of “Directors Forum”. These seminars promote the exchange of advanced managerial experience, newest methods and schemes of management, the development of links between science and production.

The fellows of the Institute regularly perform consultations and accomplishment of economic contracts with industrial enterprises and other economic units of the Siberian region. The experience of this cooperation, materials of “The Directors Forum”, and results of the Institute’s research on economic contracts are reflected on the pages of the All-Russia scientific journals “ECO” and “Region: Economics and Sociology” where the Institute is a co-founder, as well as in monographs and collections of scientific articles published by the Institute.

The fellows of the Institute participate in the Federal (Presidential) program on preparing professional managers for organizing the economy of the Russian Federation. This program is fulfilled within the Novosibirsk State University, and the Institute fellows work there on the directions “Manager of Innovative Business” and “Marketing in the System of Enterprise Management”.  They also participate in the programs of upgrade qualifications of the personnel reserve for the Administration and Government of the Novosibirsk region; in the Expert Council on scientific-technical and innovative projects in the Novosibirsk region; in the Expert Council of Technology and Research Park in Novosibirsk Academgorodok; in the Expert Council on small and medium free enterprise in the Siberian Federal district.

Business-plans for different enterprises are developed by the Institute. For example, the evaluation of the budget efficiency of the bio-technology park in Koltsovo has been performed.  In OAO (open joint stock company) Altai instrument engineering plant “Rotor” the Institute has accomplished joint scientific-research works connected with elaborating the strategy of development for the manufacture of products.

Also, the Institute carries out joint works with OAO “ELSIB” on improving the planning of coordinating the strategic and day-to-day management in regards to series manufacturing of complex items with long cycle of the technological process. As for the Novosibirsk plant OAO “Sibelectroterm”, which is in a complicated financial-economic situation, the Institute has prepared a development program for it.

Many industrial enterprises for which the Institute has carried out programs of development continue to work successfully. Among them there are Novosibirsk electrode plant, Novosibirsk metallurgical plant, Kujbyshev chemistry plant (in Novosibirsk region), Yurga machine-building plant, Krasnoyarsk heavy machine plant, Barnaul brewing plant, and others.