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Second All-Russian scientific-practical conference “Analysis and forecasting of Russia’ economy development”

24 march 2020


Institute of economics and industrial engineering SB RAS together with Institute of national economy forecasting of RAS with participation of Economic faculty of NSU on 23-24 March 2020 held a second All-Russian scientific-practical conference “Analysis and forecasting of Russia’s economic development

In connection with steps taken to prevent coronavirus infection  the format of conference changed towards use of remote mode (audio-, video-formats).

 The purpose of conference is discussion of urgent issues of macro-economic and regional policies of Russia, problems of modeling and forecasting economic development on macro-, cross-sector and regional levels, problems of fuel-and-power complex.


The event is a logical continuation of the first joint conference, which took place on 21-22 Marchа 2019. The materials of the conference are available here. Gist of reports by representatives of IEIE and INEF RAS are available in a special report digest.

Program committee

Co-chairmen 0f organization committee:

V.A. Kryukov, academician of RAS, director of IEIE SB RAS,

B.N. Porfiriev, academician of RAS, director of INEF RAS


Members of organization committee:

V.V. Kuleshov, academician of RAS, research advisor of IEIE SB RAS

T.Yu. Bogomolova, CCS, head of department of IEIE SB RAS, dean of EF NSU

N.I. Suslov, D.Sc.Economics, deputy director on science of IEIE SB RAS

V.M. Markova, CES, academic secretary of IEIE SB RAS



Organizing committee


A.O. Baranov, D.Sc.Economics, deputy director on scientific research of IEIE SB RAS

A.A. Shirov, corresponding member of RAS, deputy director of INEF RAS


Members of organizing committee:

Academic secretary of conference: Julia M. Slepenkova, Cand.Sc.Economics, staff scientist of IEIE SB RAS, e-mail

Vadim M. Gilmundinov, Cand.Sc.Economics, deputy director on scientific research of IEIE SB RAS

Ekaterina A. Yedinak, Cand.Sc.Economics, senior staff scientist of INEF RAS

Naimjohn M. Ibragimov, Cand.Sc.Economics, deputy dean of EF NSU

Svetlana Bratyushchenko, head of PR group of IEIE SB RAS.