XII Autumn Conference of Young Scientists: Current Issues of Economics and Sociology

Young Scientists Council of the Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering invites you to take part in the XII Autumn Conference of young scientists in the Novosibirsk Academgorodok dedicated to 80 years of academician Alexander Granberg.

The Conference will take place in Academgorodok on October 10-13, 2016.

Within the program of this Conference it is planned to have reports of the leading scientists and the scientific youth of Russia and neighboring countries, to hold a round table dedicated to the discussion of ecological aspects of economic development, problems of rational management of nature, sociological school for economists.

To participate in the conference, papers are accepted dedicated to the urgent problems of the contemporary economic and sociological science and methods of their solving. The thematic priorities are as follows:

  • regional economy and territorial development;
  • economics  and management control of enterprises;
  • economics of sectors and industrial complexes;
  • economics of wildlife management;
  • social-economic aspects of modern society development;
  • innovations and innovative systems;
  • general economic theory.

For participation in the Conference it is required:

  1. Before 1st of September to register at https://www.ieie.su/conf/ysc2016.html or to fill in the form with the information about yourself and  theme of your report (Supplement 1) and then e-mail it to the address: smu.conf@yandex.ru
  2. Before 1st of September to attach the file with materials of your report  while registering or to send it separately to the address smu.conf@yandex.ru  Paper covering the main contents of your report should be formed up in accordance with the rules described in  Supplement  2.  It should contain scientific and practical results obtained by the author.
  3. Before 15th of September, in accordance with the results of the expert commission work, all the registered participants will be informed about acceptance or rejection of their reports by the addresses notified in the applications.

Informational letter of the Organizing committee is here.