Kuleshov Valeriy Vladimirovich

Kuleshov Valeriy Vladimirovich

scientific supervisor, deputy chairman of Siberian Branch of the RAS

Doctor of Science, Economics (1981), Corresponding Member, the Russian Academy of Sciences (1987), Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1997)

A leading Russian scientist in the field of planning and forecasting social and economic processes and functions of Russian, Siberian and regional economies.

On graduation in 1965 from the National Economy Institute n.a. Plekhanov, V.V. Kuleshov was personally invited by A.G. Aganbegyan to join the Institute. In 1969, he successfully defended his Candidate’s and in 1980 – his Doctor’s thesis. Elected a Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1987 and a full Member – in 1997. Director of the Institute since 1992. He is the author and co-author of 330 scientific papers, 26 of which are monographies.

Primary areas and results of scientific research of V.V. Kuleshov in the initial period of his work (approximately to the mid 1990-s) relate to forecasting development of multi-sector complexes including methodology, range of tools and technology of their use; creation of economic mathematical models aimed at coordinating decisions in economic systems of various levels; problems of cost-effective use of resources – development of organizational economic mechanism for radical reduction of resource intensity of the national economy and its separate sectors.

When he headed the IEIE SB RAS, V.V. Kuleshov directed his scientific and organizational efforts at Siberian problems. This work focused on shaping and developing methods of research into modern evolution processes of a large regional economic system , study of social economic problems and prospects of Siberian development within the national economy of Russia, creation of effective economic mechanism in Siberian regions and formation of favorable social economic environment in Siberia for the residents of the region. His major attention shifts to monitoring the social economic situation in Russia, modeling and scenario analysis of spatial development of Russian economy.

Under guidance and with direct participation of V.V. Kuleshov a number of major international projects are underway as well as research projects in the priority framework of fundamental research of RAS including special-order and interdisciplinary research of SB RAS. Important research efforts were made for Federal and regional authorities as part of preparation of programs for development of Siberia and its various regions. Those include ‘The strategy of social and economic development of Siberia until 2020’ approved by the RF government.

V.V. Kuleshov is actively involved in raising top-qualification scientific staff: for many years he has chaired the dissertation council of the IEIE SB RAS that oversees the defense of candidates’ and doctors’ theses. Among his pupils there are 16 candidates of science. For 25 years he had taught at the Novosibirsk State University.

Scientific interests

modeling, planning and forecasting of socio-economic processes and functions of economies of Russia, Siberia and its regions

Participation in  planned R&D work over this year 

project XI.174.1.1 (№ АААА-А17-117022250133-9)
the economy of Siberia and its regions under external and internal challenges and threats: methodology, trends, forecasts (scientific advisor of the project jointly with Dr. Sci. (Econ.) V.Ye. Seliverstov)

project II.1/XI.170. (№ АААА-А18-118012490374-2)  of the complex of fundamental research of Siberian Branch of the RAS II.1.
enhancing the methodology of cognitive modeling and appraisal of economic security of raising macro- and meso-economic indicators (a block of the project “Evaluation of strategic decisions in complex social economic systems: a cognitive approach”) (scientific advisor of the project jointly with Dr. Sci. (Econ.) A.V. Alexeyev)

list of publications

Publications of recent years

V.V. Kuleshov, V.V. Kryukov, V.A. Marshak What frame of reference serves for appraising alternatives of reclaiming hydrocarbon resources of the Russian Arctic? // The world of Arctic : in 3 vol. V. 2: Approaches and practices / edited by V.A. Kryukov, A.K. Krivorotov ; IEIE SB RAS, All-Russian economic journal "ECO". - Novosibirsk: Published by IEIE SB RAS, 2018. - Sec. 2. - P. 175-195.

N.N. Mikheyeva, A.V. Suvorov, A.A. Shirov, I.N. Shokin, K.V. Yankov, V.V. Potapenko, N.N. Sapova, V.V. Kuleshov, V.A. Kryukov, V.I. Suslov, V.Ye. Seliverstov, T. Yu. Bogomolova, Yu.S. Yershov Refional aspects of long-term economic policy: scientific report / Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of national economy forecasts, IEIE SB RAS. - М.: Publisher “International relations”, 2018. - 69 p.

Kuleshov V.V., Kuleshov Vs.V. Ideological myths of modern economic theory and reality // Studies on Russian economic development. - 2017. - Vol. 28, No 1. - P. 11-14.

Kuleshov V.V., Untura G.A., Markova V.D. Towards a knowledge economy: the role of innovative projects in the reindustrialization of Novosibirsk oblast // Regional Research of Russia. - 2017. - Vol. 7, Is. 3. - P. 215-224.

The East of Russia: problems of exploration – overcoming space: [Collection] / edited by V.V. Kuleshov, V.A. Kryukov; Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations, IEIE SB RAS, All-Russian economic journal "ECO". - Novosibirsk: Published by IEIE SB RAS, 2017. - 483 p.

Contemporary role of Siberia’s economy эin the national economy complex of Russia/ edited by V.V. Kuleshov, IEIE SB RAS. - Novosibirsk, 2014. – 325 p.

Identifiers in Russian and international data bases

RSCI SPIN-code: 1437-9100, AuthorID: 103375

Scopus authorID: 6501679100


Honorary title “Distinguished veteran of SB” (1987).

Order of Honor (1999).

Laureate of RF government award in the field of science and technology (in a collective of authors) for preparing Russia’s gas industry development, creation and implementation of new technologies for extracting gas and condensate in extreme natural climatic and mountainous geological conditions (2003).

Laureate of award n.a. Kosygin (in a collective of authors) for great achievements in solving problems of development in  Russia’s economy (2003).

Order “For merit to the Fatherland” of the IV degree (2007).

Order of Lomonosov and honorary silver order “Public esteem” (2009).

Laureate of award of SB RAS n.a. M.A. Lavrentiev for outstanding contribution into development of Siberia and the Far East (2009).

Lapel badge “Honors statistician” (2014).

Merit certificate (2014) and Letter of gratitude of the President of RF for great personal contribution into development of fundamental science and scientific-technological potential of Siberia and the Far East (2007).

Other places of work

Siberian branch of RAS: Presidium, deputy chairman of Siberian branch of RAS

Other types of activity

deputy Chairman of Siberian branch of RAS, chairman of United scientific council on economic sciences of SB RAS;

member of the board of directors of institutes of SB RAS, of district commission reporting to the plenipotentiary representative of the President of RF in Siberian federal district, Council of scientific-industrial and innovative policy of Novosibirsk;

member of editorial council of scientific journals -  All-Russian economic journal "ECO", All-Russian scientific journal "Region: economics and sociology", scientific popular journal "Science from first hands", journal "Exploration of Siberia" (PRC);

honorary professor of  Heilongjiang academy of social sciences (Harbin, PRC).

Doctor’s thesis

“System modeling of planned calculation technology”

Specialty 08.00.13 – Mathematical methods and application of computer technology in economic research, planning and management of national economy and its industries”, 1980, Novosibirsk, IEIE of SB RAS

Candidate’s thesis

“Modeling of organizational structures in organizations of scientific research”

Specialty 08.00.13 - Mathematical methods and application of computer technology in economic research, planning and management of national economy and its industries”, 1969, Novosibirsk, IEIE SB RAS

Dissertations defended under his supervision

16 dissertations of “Candidate of sciences in economics”


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Telephone (office)

тел.: +7-383-33003911